Department of Education Infrastructure

At Department of Education of Amrapali University, we take pride in providing a conducive and enriching environment for aspiring educators. The Department is equipped with modern facilities and amenities to ensure a holistic learning experience. Here's a glimpse into our infrastructure:

Ventilated Spacious Classrooms

Our classrooms are designed to provide a comfortable and well-lit environment for effective teaching and learning. Adequate ventilation ensures a conducive atmosphere for academic engagement.


Tutorial Rooms

Smaller groups benefit from our well-appointed tutorial rooms, fostering interactive discussions, group activities, and personalized guidance.



Our extensive library is a treasure trove of educational resources, housing a diverse collection of books, journals, and research materials. It serves as a quiet sanctuary for students to delve into the world of education literature.


Seminar Hall

Equipped with modern audio-visual aids, our seminar hall is the perfect venue for guest lectures, workshops, and academic events. It provides a platform for intellectual discourse and knowledge-sharing.


Conference Room

A dedicated space for collaborative discussions and academic meetings, our conference room is well-equipped for faculty meetings, research discussions, and strategic planning sessions.


Method Rooms

Subject-specific method rooms for language, history, geography, science, maths, and a computer lab ensure a specialized and focused learning environment tailored to the diverse needs of our future educators.


Psychology Resource Lab

Understanding the importance of psychology in education, our resource lab is equipped with tools and materials to support the study of psychological principles in teaching and learning.


Health and Physical Resource Centre

Promoting holistic development, our resource center caters to health and physical education needs. It includes resources for sports, fitness, and overall well-being.


Curriculum Lab

Dedicated to the development and exploration of curriculum design, our lab provides students with hands-on experience in creating effective and innovative teaching materials.


Language Lab

Equipped with cutting-edge language learning technology, our language lab supports the development of effective communication skills among future educators.


Common Rooms

Our common rooms are designed to foster a sense of community among students. These spaces provide a relaxed atmosphere for breaks, socializing, and informal discussions. At Department of education we believe that a well-designed and modern infrastructure is crucial for shaping the educators of tomorrow. Our commitment to providing a dynamic and supportive learning environment is reflected in our state-of-the-art facilities. Come and explore the world of education with us!


Amrapali University

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