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We at Amrapali University are committed to providing all students with the best-in-class on-campus accommodation equipped with amenities and facilities par excellence.

We provide hostel facilities for both boys and girls separately giving them a feeling of a ‘home away from home.’ Our aesthetically and ergonomically designed facility features spacious, well-ventilated rooms, 24x7 power backup, round-the-clock security surveillance, and high-speed internet connectivity through Wi-Fi.

  • 24/7
    Power Backup

The hostel facility is complimented by high-quality, nutritional foods prepared in a mess that is managed by experienced caterers. In the mess, students can satiate their taste buds with a wide variety of mouth-watering regional and seasonal dishes.

On special occasions and festivals, a special arrangement is made in the mess. We constantly strive to make the hostel facility better as to make your stay comfortable and memorable.



We at Amrapali University have always been committed to facilitating the all-round development of students including mental abilities and physical strength.

Therefore, games and sports have been one of the prime foci at AU right since its inception. We always encourage students to participate in different games and sports activities so that they can attain sporting excellence.

We provide students with all the facilities, sports kits and allied equipment so that they can maintain their physical and mental fitness well. Some of the prominent sports activities in which students can participate at AU include Badminton, Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Snooker, Athletics and other indoor games.

  • 09+
    Prominent Sports activities

Objectives of Games & Sports Activities

  • To encourage students for achieving better mental and physical health and fitness
  • To explore and nurture the talents of those who are sportsmen and sportswomen from inside
  • To provide students with an effervescent sports environment
  • To enhance the quality of sports and produce high-caevent-imge sportspersons on the campus.
  • To create a healthy and strong bonding among students

Activities and Workshops

We at Amrapali University conduct a large variety of academic as well as non-academic activities and workshops which in turn benefit students in many respects.

These activities are conducted for their overall growth and advancement at all levels. Through these activities and workshops, students get a plethora of opportunities to take part and compete in different extra and co-curricular activities. This active participation not only ensures their holistic development but also enables them to see the world in a whole new light. For dissemination and application of knowledge, various National and International Seminars, Workshops and Conferences are organised which provide students a platform to learn from experts.

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To keep students always motivated, enthused and full of positivity, we organize a wide range of events at regular intervals on the university campus.

These events help students not only in building their liaising abilities but also their scope of meaningful networking. Apart from this, these events also help students to have a fruitful escape from hard hours of study, while also rejuvenating their emotional wellbeing. Some of these events include AVAHAN, MANTHAN, IMPULSE, SANDHAAN Technical Workshops, etc.

The purpose of conducting such events is:
  • Sharpening Academic skills
  • Interacting with experts face to face
  • Learn in new space
  • Networking
  • Moving out of your comfort zone
  • Developing focussed approach
  • Exploring new domains of knowledge, and


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