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We, at the Faculty of Education (Amrapali University), are committed to shaping future generations by imparting high-quality education. All our teacher education programs are offered as per the norms determined by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) - a statutory body of the Government of India responsible for overseeing the standards, procedures, and processes in the Indian education system. 

Right since the inception of the department, we have been endeavouring hard to ensure a holistic personality development of all the teacher trainees. We consider teaching the only job that can offer the possibility of developing an effective and efficient education system for the nation. The teachers that we prepare at the Faculty of Education are trusted for their exemplary abilities to educate the youngsters who would be leading the nation to the path of all-around progress.


The rigorous involvement of both teachers and students across the programs provides a strong knowledge base concerning school education, higher education, educational administration, and management as well. Adopting offbeat and out-of-the-box approaches in our pedagogy, we always strike a perfect balance between the conventional and new-age ways of educating our teacher trainees while functioning as an all-encompassing institution for contemporary teacher education.

We believe that each student deserves a high-quality learning experience, and we deliver it by providing them with an encouraging, and high-spirited teacher education.Empowering the ideal teachers of tomorrow is our topmost priority as we aim at improving the overall landscape of the country’s education.  

The prime benefit of enrolling in our programs lies in a plethora of job opportunities that they create for those who consider teaching a passion - a passion not merely to uphold knowledge but wisdom, a passion where humility wins over arrogance, and a passion where excellence scores better over mediocrity. 

Key Differentiators 

  • NCTE approved Teacher Education Programme
  • Communication skill classes
  • Semester system and constructive pedagogy
  • Alumni Association
  • Internship & Placement Support Cell
  • Guest lectures by leading educationists
  • Seminars, workshops, community activities, educational tours, extension lectures and literary activities.

Our Vision

To create teachers of tomorrow who are dedicated, skilled, disciplined, and passionate about transforming the educational landscapes of the nation by performing complex duties.

To provide high-quality affordable education to all the teacher trainees so that they can be enabled to deliver excellence not only in classroom teaching but also to equally perform even in a large number of administrative undertakings.  


Our Mission


To provide all would-be teachers with experiential learning so that their multifaceted development can be ensured. 


To make contributions to national and societal needs through strategic integration of new-age technology in modern education


To provide students with a teaching-learning environment wherein they not only can become outstanding teachers but also productive entrepreneurs


To prepare graduates to be lifelong learners with strong analytical and leadership skills. 



Ultramodern Infrastructure 

Infrastructure is the lifeline of any educational institution. The Faculty of Education being a premier institution for teacher training boasts of an ultramodern infrastructure to support the new-age pedagogy. It houses smart classrooms, well-equipped resource centres, a language lab, a science lab, and an art and craft lab. Important equipment such as laptops, cameras, printers, projectors, and many other devices are available for students to meet all their learning and practical needs.  


Out-of-the-box approach that influences learning 

We at the Faculty of Education firmly believe that future-ready educators must exercise leadership and freedom not only in their education but also when they enter the classrooms to teach trainee teachers. This is why we always lay stress on setting them free to explore newer avenues in the field of education. Away from the beaten path, we train them to be self-stimulating professionally, and responsible towards the society they live in. We make them well aware of the responsibilities of a teacher, and the relationships they share with their students, peers, families, communities, and everything that influences their learning. 


Teaching in a technological light 

In a digitally thriving world, technology is not a luxury but has become a necessity. We believe that education in future will not be what it is today. This is the reason we always consider it right to demonstrate how today’s trainee teachers can capitalize on technology to educate future generations. We are well-known as the early adopter of technology to accelerate the process of teaching-learning.  


Educational leadership

We, at the Faculty of Education (Amrapali University) strive to establish a community where teachers, parents, administrators, business persons and political leaders develop a shared understanding of what ought to be done to educate youth. Through educational leadership, the Faculty of Education shapes and modifies the personality of trainee teachers into ideal, dedicated, professional and competent teachers so that they can serve society according to local, regional, national and global needs.


Dean’s Message

Dear Aspirants,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the Faculty of Education at Amrapali University. I appeal to all of you to make the most of this opportunity of being a teacher to the core. Education is something that draws out the best in human beings, be it brain, soul, or spirit. I also earnestly praise and applaud the rigorous involvement of students, faculty and allied staff members of the department for their unwavering commitment to building the image of the institution and the University as well for creating and delivering educational excellence. 

As a Head, Faculty of Education, I am overwhelmed to utter that right from the very beginning, we have been successful in imparting practical, modern, digital and experience-based education that our prestigious institution has ever upheld. The programs that we offer prepare all trainee teachers to become leaders not only with high moral values but also with the intellectual intensity of the highest order. These characteristics of their personality enable them to combat all the challenges that come their way during the contemporary time of highly critical social transition. 

Realizing the significance of high-quality education, the Faculty of Education is committed to ensuring an all-round development of students through holistic education. As the Dean, Faculty of Education, I am confident that the decades-old legacy of preaching moral as well as social values among students, scholars, and teachers will continue with equal enthusiasm and high-spiritedness. 

Keeping pace with contemporary times, the Faculty of Education is thoughtful enough when it comes to designing curriculums across the programs offered. The Faculty has gone beyond the call of duty in designing an innovative and need-based course structure for all programs which is further complimented by student-centric learning processes and methodologies. The aspects such as employability, skill enhancement, participative management, openness and flexibility in pedagogy, result-oriented research, field activities, and social responsibility, etc. are also well taken care of with due thoughtful considerations.  

I also take pride in expressing my views about how the Faculty of Education at Amrapali University has always been a step ahead in taking the initiative for nation-building as well as international collaborations while delivering the next level of educational excellence. The Faculty has always aimed at striving to create a vibrant community of thinkers who stand out as valued members of society and fulfill the requirements of true teachers. 

I warmly welcome and invite all individuals who have a passion for teaching and want to make it a mission of their life. Come, and explore the campus either online or offline and expand your knowledge while actualizing your dream of making an enriching and meaningful career. 

Thanks and Regards

Dr. Suresh Singh Mehta
(Dean, Faculty of Education)


Amrapali University

Shiksha Nagar, Lamachaur, Kaladhungi Road, Haldwani - 263139 , Distt.-Nainital (UTTARAKHAND )

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