Advantages of Turbo Boost Technology

Article contributed by Mr. Hem Chandra Joshi, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Technology and Computer Applications

Overclocking technique allows hardware components to control faster than the initial manufacturer speed. Its purpose is to realize extra performance from the hardware when it’s needed. There are some disadvantages of overclocking moreover. It can reduce the lifespan of your hardware. You can improve performance of your hardware like CPU, motherboard or RAM. But Overclocking will send extra voltage to the components. That may damage your motherboard and other parts as well.

Dynamic overclocking is a technology which changes CPU speed consistent with load, such as Intel Turbo Boost techniques which overcome disadvantages of overclocking. It is available in Intel Corei5, Corei7 and a few Corei3 processors. It is activated when the operating system requests the best performance state of the processor Intel Turbo Boost primarily extends the speed level of the processor above its rated speed to realize higher processing power. Supported the present operating environment, Turbo Boost provides the maximum level of processing power possible. This is generally dependent on:

Current workload on the processor
Available cores
Processor temperature
Current and required power consumption

If these variables are to their lower limit, Turbo Boost can deliver maximum performance and processor scalability to the requesting processes or applications.

Intel Turbo Boost uses algorithms built into the processor core to automatically and temporarily (a few seconds to some minutes) increase a CPU speed just when needed instead if all the time. Sometimes you need to work with some application or big software that requires fast speed to run properly. In those cases, Intel Turbo Boost technology will be a great advantage for you. Turbo boost technology makes your PC faster to perform the particular tasks. If you are a professional gamer and want to play these games you may need to use Turbo Boost technology to run these games smoothly.

Turbo Boost technology does not need any manual control. It can perform its tasks automatically. Intel made the software and installed it as built-in software. Turbo Boost automatically observes the present condition of your PC and calculates how fast your processor can perform at that moment. It also controls the power supply to the component and protects our PC to be damaged


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Investment Ideas during COVID 19 Menace: A Smart Approach

Article contributed by Prof. (Dr.) Ritvik Dubey, Director – Faculty of Commerce & Business Management, Amrapali Group of Institutes Haldwani

The Covid 19 Crisis has brought about the blood bath in the stock markets worldwide. The severity of this can be gauged from the fact that the nifty came down to the levels of 7500 from the all time peak if 12340 plus. Most of the stocks are available at 40%-80% discount to their all time high prices. This makes the investor tempted to invest. But the irony is how to go about it. This article will explore the way to do it in a smart manner and also would throw light on the factors which will bring about the change in Investment behavior.

There are number of articles covering at length the instruments and techniques and manner for investing. Investments are important because in today’s world, just earning money is not enough. You work hard for the money you earn. But that may not be adequate for you to lead a comfortable lifestyle or fulfill your dreams and goals. To do that, you need to make your money work hard for you as well. This is why you invest. Money lying idle in your bank account is an opportunity lost. You should invest that money smartly to get good returns out of it.

Here I would like to draw the attention to the smart approach for investing specially during the Covid 19 era. The themes enumerated below will give you an idea about the sectors to look forward to, research & invest:

The Emerging themes:

1-Speciality Chemicals

2-Real Estate

3-Digital Boom

4-Infrastructure Boom

5-Contract Manufacturing

6- HealthCare Boom

7-Personal Space (Small ticket Consumer Vehicles)

The Age Old themes:


2-Iron & Steel


4- Telecom

The reason for suggesting the above themes are as follows:

Printing of currency by almost all the Central Banks which will increase the liquidity in the market and people will be tempted to invest.

After a certain time the monetary policy will not be enough and the fiscal policy will start playing an important role. Stimulus by the Government in these areas will surely kick start the recovery cycle.

Having said so and as it happened after the world war the infrastructure development will take central priority and thus will bring about the infrastructure boom.

The companies with either no leverage of less leverage as far as equity to debt ratio is concerned will emerge as winners.

The changing pattern of Online Entertainment, Online Work from Home, Online Classes etc will certainly bring about the digital boom.

Indian Share markets are almost certain to get billions of dollars in foreign fund inflows, with the regulatory changes allowing for higher foreign portfolio investment limits in various companies. Eg: Change in MSCI Index.

The change of attitude towards China as manufacturing destination will bring about a phenomenal change in Indian Manufacturing sector, the Make in India is set to receive a boost. The contract manufacturing is one such practice which is set to emerge as the game changer.

With the digital boom happening the demand for commercial space will decrease and the flow of liquidity will help the residential spaces to have a relook. Therefore the real estate per se shall be in demand.

The need for personal hygiene and personal space shall bring down the Ola/Uber bookings as more and more people will look for their own vehicle for host of reasons. The low ticket personal vehicle space will lead to fill this requirement and therefore will be in demand.

As the crisis has taught the value of Healthcare, the hospitals, testing labs and pharma companies will be required. Increased allocation towards creating robust healthcare system will bring about the healthcare boom.

For factories to be made the demand for steel, iron ore, cement, engineering solutions will be in demand and therefore there production will increase.

The telecom sector has shown how the world cannot operate without it even during the lockdown. All the concepts of connectivity cannot take place with telecom companies offering variety of services. Therefore going forward the telecom sector will outperform.

The Specialty chemicals or chemical space as a whole has witnessed a major shift during past few years. India as a destination for Specialty Chemicals has seen an uptick.

This crisis has taught the people about the importance of savings and these savings will move to host of assets including the stock market.


The increase in the huge pile of debt (highly leveraged companies) for few companies will ultimately prove detrimental for them and will find it difficult to survive. So selection of companies to invest will be a key and the most important factor to look for is that the stock selected doesn’t have huge debt burden to service. The balance sheets for both the households and the companies will be keenly watched and the consumption pattern of the consumers will provide the clue for stock selection.

Note: Please consult a qualified financial adviser before investing.



Article contributed by Mr. Deep Chandra Andola, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Technology and Computer Applications

According to an interview in THE NEW YORK TIMES, Duncan Keith, Canadian Ice hockey player, goes to upstairs in his penthouse (lab – according to Duncan Keith), where he has a bunch of little things which he takes to keep healthy. According to the same interview, he douses himself with infrared lights (that has electromagnetic current) for eight minutes. Keith also added that sometimes he took hydrogen inhaler at night for healthy sleep. Lastly Duncan Keith concluded that he was a BIOHACKER and a part time hockey player.

Bio-hacking is a concept that gained currency in popular culture over the past decade, initially as an apparently earnest approach to applying the tech-hacker ethos to biology.

We all know, how coffee feels like a shot of energy to our brains. Feeling sleepy – have some coffee – wide awake for some hours. This is how we can have hacked our brain with a cup of coffee. This is BIO-HACKING.


It depend on whom we ask, we will get different definition for it. Some can explain bio-hacking in following definitions.

Bio-hacking can be refers as self – experimentation with our own body to upgrade and make more control in mind.

Bio-hacking is the method of alternation with own body by implanting some cybernetic devices to enhance our powers with those devices.

 Bio-hack is commonly used as a term to describe the management of one’s personal biology using an approach that employs a combination of nutritional, medical, and even electronic solutions.

According to Dave Asprey, owner of Bulletproof (supplement company), bio-hacking is an art and science of changing our nearby environment and our self so that we can have full control over our own biology. He focuses on control which means optimizing and upgrading our minds and body.

Bio-hack (source: Internet)


Goals of Bio-hacking are increasing very rapidly. We can bio-hack our self from sick to healthy or healthy to enhance and beyond that. After bio-hack, one will feel healthier and possibly can slow down the normal aging process and every part of the biology can be optimized.

Methods for bio-hack ourselves:

  • Sleep
  • Time in nature
  • Moving our body
  • Eating good food
  • A sense of purpose
  • Connection to people
  • Moderate wealth

Sleep – As we all know that sleep deprivation leaves our immune system in tatters. Sleep requires nothing, neither money nor effort, moreover it provides deep meditative state where we can explore our subconscious mind to its best and clearing out the metabolic waste of the body.

Time in nature – Best way to bio-hack is spending time in nature. Spending time with nature will decrease brooding and will increase heeling and many other benefit.

Moving our body – Moving our body as much as possible is another way for bio-hacking our self. Don’t worry about the latest trends, joining hi tech gyms or going for those places required money. Just moving body is enough.

Eating good food – Good food is a mix of taste and culture. People who eat a lot of minimally processed, plant based things tend to live long. Anyone who makes strict rules about an avoidance-based diet is an example of bio-hack.

A sense of purpose – Chasing happiness is not a bio-hack, but the purpose of chasing happiness is an example of bio-hack.

Connection to people – Believe it or not, humans form relationships that fill up our time on earth. If these relationships doesn’t exist than there is no difference between the humans and other things. So, connection to people is important factor for bio-hack.

Moderate wealth – Top predictor of health is only wealth. Moderate wealth is the most important factor for bio-hack. As we all know wealthy people live longer than people who cannot afford to eat well and are constantly under stress.

Best way to bio-hack our body is with upgrading our self with simple methods.

Methods to Bio-hack (source: Internet)